The 20" x 30" six-fold Game Board
(10" x 10" x 6)

Following His Path™ is a board game that teaches us about Christ's Words and Life and makes learning fun.
Enjoy gathering around the table at the game board and experiencing a living scripture that follows His life and teachings.
Jesus' last words to us before returning to Heaven were that we preach ... teach ... baptize and be an example of His life, His teaching and values.
Matthew 28: 19-20


Following His Path™ is a learning game and product of His Path, Inc. a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization which contributes 100% of the net revenue (proceeds after game cost) to other worthy nonprofit organizations. We have no payroll or paid employees. We are a sandals and staff organization.

Following His Path™ is a board game that teaches and makes learning fun.

In a world of distractions, obligations, materialism and a literal attack on Christian values, His directive to share His teaching, for most of us, is not easy to fulfill.

Maybe we're even a little shy about doing so. And, yet many of us wish to further explore His word and share with family and friends the peace and blessings He offers. But how can we do that ?