What We Do

Following His Path™ is a board game that teaches and makes learning fun.

In a world of distractions, obligations, materialism and a literal attack on Christian values, His directive to share His teaching, for most of us, is not easy to fulfill. Maybe we're even a little shy about doing so.

And, yet many of us wish to further explore His word and share with family and friends the peace and blessings He offers. But how can we do that ?

It's as easy as Following His Path — all laid out for you — traveling His path, hearing His Word, seeing who He is through the eyes and ears of a disciple. A living scriptural experience.

 Following His Path is an exploration of His life, teachings and values, reinforcing what you know, reminding what you have forgotten and opening your eyes and heart to what you have not seen or perhaps understood.

We created Following His Path as a teaching, learning resource where everyone plays at their own level.